Ilenia Dervakou

1)  Name: Ilenia Dervakou
2) Lives in: Chalandri, Athens
3) From:  Born and raised in Athens
4) Occupation: I am a psychologist, and I am about to start working in a school for disabled children in England.
5) First three jobs (ever!):  I am afraid I only have two so far! After I finished high school, I worked as a kindergarten teacher, and after I finished my university studies, I worked as a research assistant in a program in Mallorca studying underage alcohol use.
6) Zodiac:  Gemini.
7) Enneagram type: I just heard about Enneagram so I don’t know yet, but I am very interested to find out!
8) Tell us what you love about Athens:  Mmm, I love everything in the city center and the islands. Oh, and Ioannina, the place where I studied.
9)  Tell us something most people don’t know about you:  I used to be a smoker. I started at the age of 15, and I quit at the of 22!  Also, I am a painter. I’ve included one of my paintings in this feature.  🙂
10) Where will we find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga?  I started going to Lynn’s classes this summer, and I am very loyal so at the moment, I am following her everywhere she teaches.
11) When did you first try Kundalini Yoga?  The first time was with Lynn this summer in her roof!
12) Anything else we should know? I enjoy creating art work of various kinds. My studies have been one of my basic influences, and at the moment I am trying to see how this might turn in a proper job. 🙂

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