Jai Jamison

Name: Jai Jamison

Lives in: Eugene Oregon in the United States. I’ve lived in Eugene, Oregon for 17 years. It took a long time to adjust to all the rain in the Pacific Northwest after moving from sunny Santa Barbara, California. But now I love the beauty and the slower pace of Oregon!

From: Santa Barbara, California

Job: Animal Communicator – I connect intuitively with animals to assist people in better understanding the thoughts, feelings and viewpoints of their beloved pets. After taking classes for several years and then a specialized training program, I opened my business as a professional animal communicator 12 years ago. During one class, I ‘heard’ a dog express with great enthusiasm that meatballs were her favorite food. This turned out to be very true, and I knew from that moment my purpose is to assist people in better understanding their beloved animals.

My work has evolved over the years into focusing on the relationships between animals and their humans. Once a person knows their cat has been peeing outside the litter box because she doesn’t like the chemical smell of that particular litter…or that a dog is aggressive because he’s afraid and self-protective…or that a horse has become stubborn because he is in pain…then the person and animal can work together to find resolutions to the issue.  It is wonderful to see their mutual love and respect deepen after a session in animal communication!

I also specialize in compassionately sharing the wants and needs of animals regarding their personal aging issues or end-of-life concerns, and in connecting with in-spirit animals who have passed on. This can be tremendously healing for both owner and pet alike.

Tell us your first three jobs (ever!): My first job was filing papers in my dad’s law office. Then I worked as a recreation assistant for an after-school program in elementary school. My third job was as an, elementary school teacher.  I taught grades 3, 5 and 6 at different times. Third graders were my favorite, they were so open-hearted! The experience led me to return to school for a Masters degree and then serve as a school counselor for 10 years. I worked with children aged 5 to 12, assisting them with issues such as coping with the divorce of parents, improving their self-esteem, or developing social skills to get along better with others. It was very rewarding!

Zodiac sign?: Virgo

What do you love about Greece? While I haven’t visited yet, I believe Greece is a beautiful country with beautiful architecture and warm, generous people!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I love to sing!

Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga?  On the telephone helping the community with animal communication.  🙂

Tell us your top tip to combat climate change: Being mindful every day of honoring, respecting, and being in gratitude for our amazing planet Earth.

Anything else you’d like us to know?: If you would like to find out directly from your animal’s viewpoint what they are thinking and feeling about a behavior or issue that is concerning you, it would be an honor and a pleasure to schedule a session with you. I serve as a translator in helping you and your animals to understand each other more clearly so issues can be resolved. I work with all species of animals and deal with a wide variety of issues.

My services may assist you with frustrating behaviors…or animals not getting along with each other…or finding out what might improve the lives of your animals…or gaining information about health issues…or hearing what an aging animal needs to be more comfortable…or even connecting with the spirit of an animal who has died. I also teach classes and offer individual mentoring — everyone is capable of learning how to communicate with animals! Clients from all over the world have benefited from my work. You may contact me at WagtimeWisdom@gmail.com. You can find out more about my work and read some of my testimonials here. Or just ask Lynn!

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