1) Name: Jana
2) Lives in: Frankfurt, Germany
3) From: I am from a nice rural area of Germany, close to Hanover
4) Occupation: I’m currently working in brand management for an iconic German food brand
5) First three jobs (ever!): My first job was around nine years old, selling apples from my family’s garden at a little stand in front of the house. I used my earning to  buy a can of Cherry Coke or ice cream.  🙂 Then I was a warden at art exhibitions during high school, and next I worked in the production line of a car manufacturer during a couple of university breaks
6) Zodiac sign: Virgo
7) Enneagram Type: 7, the Enthusiast
8) What you love about Athens or Greece in general: Certainly the obvious things: the sun, the sea and the food. Furthermore the human touch: be it the welcoming Greek people with their passion, optimism and creativity, how cats naturally live their distinct life in the streets and gardens, or the naturalness and charm of the imperfection. And lastly, the breadth of arts and culture, which really positively surprised and delighted me again and again when I lived in Athens – fantastic museums, backyard open air cinemas, cool young galleries, art weeks, festivals, Documenta, the national opera, and impressive street art at many corners.
9) Something most people don’t know about you: I am super curious and want to constantly learn, try and explore new things. It is exciting and broadens my horizon, but it can also be quite exhausting. To compensate I simplify and naturally cut back any effort in some parts of my life: preparing the same food for days in a row during a work week, or not leaving the hotel even once in order to just relax during some holidays – perfect! One reason why I so much look forward to #10
10) Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga (i.e. SUP Yoga, night yoga, etc.): The Paros week!
11) First time you tried Kundalini Yoga? On Lynn’s roof terrace in 2016 (wow, it feels like ages ago, but I just realize it’s actually been only three years…)
12) Top tip to combat climate change? Remembering that small things and everyone of us can make a difference: eat less or no meat, take public transport or the bicycle more often, try to avoid plastic or at least return it for recycling.
13) Anything else you’d like us to know? I am an optimist, and it takes a lot to put me in a really bad mood. I inherited both from my grandmother and am very grateful for it. Makes my life much easier and more fun often.

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