Jeanette von Syburg

1) Name: Jeanette von Syburg


2) Lives in: Just moved from Lesvos Island to Exarchia, Athens!


3) From:  I was born in Southern Germany in a small town called Villingen-Schwenningen near Stuttgart


4) Occupation:  I quit my job as a real estate manager/agent in order to come to Greece and travel through the country for at least a year. I studied law at University and have a degree as a surveyor. At the moment I work as an author/writer on the internet writing marketing content for several websites. If you have any marketing content work you need done, please feel free to contact me! And I am also currently writing my first novel.


5) First three jobs (ever!):  My very first job was working in a supermarket at the “meat and cheese” counter while I was studying–this was definitely the worst job ever (I became a vegetarian after that experience). After that I worked as a surveyor for the municipality of a small town in Germany and then moved to Cologne, Germany in 2003 and worked as an oil-pipeline-employee (I was responsible for the security and the contracts with the landowners).


6) Zodiac: Pisces


7) What do you like about Athens and Greece in general?  I moved to Athens only a few days ago so I can´t really tell what I love about it except that I can feel a vibrant, inspiring energy in the city that makes me feel alive and enchanted. What I love about Greece as a whole is FILOTIMO! I have never experienced such hospitality, kindness and great mentality like in Greece (I have been traveling to Greece for about 35 years now), and I do travel a lot. It´s the little things that makes me love the country. And the climate of course and the wonderful landscape. I could write a book about what I love about Greece, starting with the history of the country and ending at the wonderful language that sounds so sexy and warm. I am trying to learn it but it´s not that easy 🙂


8) Tell us something most people don’t know about you: Something most people don´t know about me is that I strongly believe in God (although I am not religious in the usual way). And another thing most people don’t know is that I was nominated for a literature prize in Germany in 2013. 🙂


9) Where can we find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga?  Mondays at Ayurveda and definitely will join some of the retreat workshops. And I met some of you at the Sunset + Full Moon Boat trip over the summer…


10) First time you tried Kundalini Yoga? My first experience with Kundalini Yoga was with Lynn on the wonderful full moon boat cruise in June in Athens when I was there for a few days 🙂


11) Anything else we should know? I am traveling and living with my little pug Manolo  who is 3 1/2 years old. He has an Instagram page  called MANOLO THE PUGSTER where I post about his and our adventures in Greece. We travel a lot in Greece, so I have a lot of beautiful places to show. I want to make Manolo the most popular pug in Greece! Come and follow him and help me make him famous 🙂

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