Jenn Hwang

1)  Name:  Jenn Hwang

2)  Lives in:  San Francisco, California, USA

3)  From: USA

4)  Occupation/employer: Marketing, currently working on One World Play Project

5)  First three jobs (ever!):  1) Dry cleaner counter person 2)  Nordstrom sales associate and 3) Server at a Mexican restaurant

6) Zodiac sign: Taurus

7)  Enneagram number: Type 9, the Peacemaker/Mediator

8) What you love about Athens or Greece in general: I love the history, the lifestyle and how easy it is for me to get into the groove of being there as soon as I arrive – but mostly I love hanging out and visiting with friends old and new when I’m there.

9)  Something most people don’t know about you: I have an aversion karaoke due to being scarred for life by my parents’ karaoke parties when I was an adolescent (bad singing is just hard to get over when you’re young, impressionable and easily embarrassed).  It has been pointed out to me by my former colleagues in Asia, that I may be the only Chinese person around who doesn’t karaoke – my brother feels the same as I do, so at least there are two of us.

10)  Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: Retreats mostly because I live in San Francisco. But if I lived in Athens you’d probably find me at most of the activities.

11)  First time you tried Kundalini Yoga (where/when/with whom)? First time I tried Kundalini yoga was when Lynn was still training to be a teacher and would teach small “classes” to her friends and family.

12)  Anything else you’d like us to know? I hope to meet more of Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga community the next time I’m in Greece!