Klaus Troedel

1)  Name: Klaus Troedel

2)  Lives in: Munich, Germany (in the city district of Waldtrudering – close to a lake and to a forest )

3)  From: Bavaria (okay officially it is Germany..)

4)  Occupation/employer: attorney for homeless and an international yoga teacher

5)  First three jobs (ever!):  soccer interviewer, feast organizer, construction worker

6) Zodiac sign : Pisces

7)  Enneagram type: Type 2 (Helper/Giver)

8) What you love about Greece in general: I never have been in Athens (but I am looking forward to it).  I love Greek islands like Amorgos, Corfu,Elafonisos, Karpathos, Paros,Thassos….the sea and the nature and the good food…

9)  Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I was in the German Taekwondo Team. I also had my own theater group!

10)  Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga (i.e. SUP Yoga, night yoga, etc.) I’m new so you can meet me when i am in Athens for my workshop, Secrets of the Breath.  🙂

11)  First time you tried Kundalini Yoga (where/when/with whom)? With Ram Singh in Munich 1995

12)  Anything else you’d like us to know? I really believe that if you want to be happy, you should look out for everything you have in common with others…


Join us on December 8th and 9th, 2018 as Klaus returns to Athens to teach Myths and Mysteries of Kundalini Yoga and Myths and Mysteries of the Kabbalah.


Myths and Mysteries of Kundalini Yoga workshop includes:

* Yogic exercises to improve your everyday life
* Balance your body, feelings and spirit + the 5 elements
* Exercises to stimulate your kundalini energy for more energy in your life
* Yogic wisdom + new scientific discoveries
* Powerful breath techniques to master your fears

We’ll start at 11:00 am, break for lunch at 13:00 and resume at 14:00 (ending at 16:00) for this 4 hour workshop.


Myths and Mysteries of the Kabbalah workshop includes:

* Attitude and intention to give you direction in life
* The Law of Attraction: Exercises to attract the right people+ protect the aura
* Angel rituals
* White triangle to manifest your desires.

No prior experience required, all are welcome.

We’ll start at 11:00 am, break for lunch at 13:00 and resume at 14:00 (ending at 16:00) for this 4 hour workshop.

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