Kostas Valsamidis and Nikos Mafounis

Meet our favorite watermen–the SUP Alimos founders Kostas Valsamidis and Nikos Mafounis!  These guys rock and are the team that make SUP Yoga possible each year.  We love them, and you will too.  🙂  And if you want to try SUP, message them at SUP Alimos.

1) Name: Kostas Valsamidis

2) Lives in: recently moved to Ano Petralona (Athens)

3) From: Greece

4) Occupation/employer: Co-Founder of SUP Alimos

5) First three jobs: Salesman, postman, employee at car dealership

6) Zodiac sign: Libra

7) What is your Enneagram Type number? Type 9, the Peacemaker/Mediator

8) What you love about Athens or Greece in general:
The weather, the long summers, the late-night spots, the plenty of choices you have – you can eat or drink pretty much anything at any time.

9) Something most people don’t know about you:
I also love Qigong. I was taught a really old Qigong technique by an old Chinese man, which he was supposedly  taught by his family, which they were supposedly taught by a Chinese dynasty and so on.

10) Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga:
SUP Yoga in Alimos and night yoga on Lynn’s rooftop during summers.

11) First time you tried Kundalini Yoga?
The first time I tried Kundalini Yoga was back on 2013 when Lynn came to our SUP school with a weird idea, to do Kundalini Yoga on the SUP boards.  🙂

12) Anything else you’d like us to know?
One day I hope to own a small plane and take rides over the clouds.


1)  Name: Nikos Mafounis

2)  Lives in: Marina Zeas, Piraeus

3)  From: Greece

4)  Occupation/employer: Co-Owner ‘’Greek Villas Boutique’’ and ‘’SUP Alimos’’

5)  First three jobs: Advertising Account Manager, Marketing Manager in a company, Sailing Instructor

6) Zodiac sign: Scorpio

7) What you love about Athens or Greece in general: I love its culture, sea, sunsets and nightlife

8)  Something most people don’t know about you:  I’m thinking to get married sometime but i’m afraid of this…

9)  Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga (i.e. SUP Yoga, night yoga, etc.) SUP Yoga in Alimos

10)  First time you tried Kundalini Yoga (where/when/with whom)?With Lynn at a SUP Yoga sunset session

11)  Anything else you’d like us to know? I don’t like winter. I would like to live in Hawaii when its cold in Athens.  🙂


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