Good News for March 25th, 2020

Today is March 25 which means it is my name day!  My Greek name is Evangelia which means the messenger of good news.  Since we can’t celebrate in person year, I decided to take the celebration online.  🙂


It might seem like these days all you see are depressing events and statistics, but that’s not the full picture. There are a lot of beautiful things happening too. I’ve made a list below. If you have something you’d like to add to this list, message me here, and I’ll include it.


Happy March 25th. ❤️


One parting gift:  I’m offering a free distance yoga class on Thursday, March 26th from 20:00-21:00 Greek time. The link is here. No need to pre-register–just click on the link a few minutes before 20:00.  If you haven’t used Zoom before, be sure to install it before the class.


How did I become Evangelia?  Here is the story…

In one of my early years in Greece, I was taking a taxi home from a yoga class. It was the taxi driver’s name day, and he was getting call after call from his friends sending him best wishes.  We started talking about name days, and he saw that I was sad I would never have a Greek name day with my American name “Lynn.”  “We will give you a name!” was his response. He went through several options but ultimately decided I would be “Evangelia.”  He was very thorough and had me write it down. I even found the paper when I was cleaning up last year. It is here. And that is how I became Evangelia.
Part two of the story is that I became a Nona (godmother) in 2019 and in order to be a proper Nona, I got baptized Greek Orthodox, making the name Evangelia official. It is hard to imagine that around this time last year I was standing in a white bathing suit in a Greek church having water poured over me.  Life is funny.  🙂


Read the whole story of how I came to live in Greece here.
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