Nick  Y.

Name: Nick  Y.


Lives in: My time is currently split between London and Athens.


From: I was born in London and grew up mainly in the UK. I’ve also lived in  France, Denmark and Brussels. My mum is British and my dad is Greek (he moved to London in the late ’60s and now also lives between London and Athens).


Occupation: I am a freelancer working in marketing communications. My focus these days is helping startups and scale-ups with everything from their brand messaging to the website and marketing content. I used to work in finance so I often work with UK/US-based fintech companies.


Tell Us Your First Three Jobs (Ever!):  During university, I worked at a couple of different bars during the summer breaks. I also earned some pennies as a dog walker (actually I did this more seriously years later in London –  setting up a small dog walking business when I needed to earn some cash whilst working on a software project).


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


What Do You Love About Greece: So many things. Spending more time in Athens means I can connect with my Greek side and spend more time with my family here. I love the Greek lifestyle, the light and, of course, the weather. Also, as I think about changes in my working life, it’s nice to be surrounded by people who have also changed the way they live and what they do.




Tell Us Something Most People Don’t Know About You: I dream of having a stint as a fire lookout in a North American national park – just like Jack Kerouac did in the 50’s.



Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: I am new to Kundalini yoga so this is all to be discovered. My first experience was the Salt Cave event on Saturday!



First time you tried Kundalini Yoga?: It was this weekend in the Salt Cave!


Tell Us Your Top Tip To Combat Climate Change: I walk everywhere. I also frown a lot at people who boast about the number of air miles they have.


Anything Else You’d Like Us To Know? I can’t walk past a cat without talking to it and introducing myself to it…

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