Nancy’s Library


Spinal Energy Series (60-minutes, great to build energy, lots of breaks between exercises).
40-Minute Set for Nancy (Sept 2020)
60-Minute Class for Nancy (Gentle, Spinal Set)
A Taste of Ikaria Immersion series
Private Kundalini Yoga Library (General Sessions): password=mylibrary
Short Day for Nancy

45-Minute Class: Kriya to Open the Heart/Meditation for Stress Relief (April 18, 2020)
60-Minute Class: Kriya to Open the Heart/Meditation for Stress Relief (April 18, 2020)
60-Minute Class: Gentle Spinal Warm-Up/Kriya to Open the Heart/Meditation for Stress Relief (April 21, 2020)

Class Video Library

Nabhi Kriya for Prana/Apana, Meditation for Self-Animosity (Aug 8, 2021)
Sensitivity/Immune System (Aug 1, 2021)
Vitality/Duality (July 25, 2021)
(Heart Opening ) short set (July 18, 2021)
Disease Resistance/Meditation to Cross Adversity (June 13, 2021)
Sat Kriya set/Meditation for Duality (June 6, 2021)
Vitality/Inner Conflict Resolver (May 30, 2021)
Spinal Set/Meditation for Prosperity  (gentle set for after work) (May 26, 2021)
30-minute class to Open the Heart/Meditation to Clear Emotions (May 16, 2021)
Heart of Gold Kriya/Meditation to Release the Past (energy work) (May 9, 2021) You Tube Meditation due to Zoom session problem
Short. Sweet Set to Get Energy Moving/Mediation to open the heart (yin yoga like class, good for after-work stretching) (April 25, 2021)
Kriya for the Lungs/Meditation to coordinate with the Earth/environment (good for upper body, to open shoulders) (April 18, 2021)
Kriya to Release Anger/Meditation to Burn Out Anger (April 11, 2021)
Heart Connection and Heart Opening (gentle set) (April 4, 2021)
Move Weekend Part Two (30 Minute Set, Electromagnetic Field) (March 28, 2021)
Move Weekend Part One (Integrated, Graceful set, Adrenals) (March 27, 2021)
Kriya to Drop Negativity (March 14, 2021)
Set to Balance Prana and Apana/Meditation for the Immune System (March 7, 2021) good after-work set
Spinal Flexibility Kriya/Meditation to Cultivate Self-Love (Feb 28, 2021) gentle, easy set
Heart of Gold Kriya/Meditation for a Calm Heart ( Feb 21, 2021 50-minute class, meditative with a focus on the heart center)
❤️❤️❤️Sweet, Short Set to Get the Energy Moving/Meditation for Protection (Feb 14, 2021)
Subtle Body/Refinement/Relieve Stress Meditation (Feb 7, 2021). Gentle class, breathwork intro
Positive Mind/Eliminate Thoughts You Dislike (Jan 31, 2021)  Gentle class with some Breath of Fire.
Heart Connection Kriya/Meditation to Change the Ego (Jan 23, 2021). Gentle class with some Breath of Fire.  Good if you are feeling like you want some heart opening.
Build the Aura/Heart Connection and Meditation for a Calm Heart Jan 17, 2021
Kriya for Elevation/Wahe Guru meditation to hear your own voice (Jan 10, 2021)
Spinal Flexibility Series (Jan 2, 2021). Gentle, energizing set with lots of short breaks in between exercises.
Short and Sweet Kriya to Get the Energy Moving/Meditation for the Parasympathetic Nervous System (July 17, 2020)
Kriya for Morning Sadhana/Meditation for the Frontal Lobe (July 5, 2020)
Kriya for Mental and Emotional Balance and Kriya to Balance the Head and Heart/ Meditation for Primal Power (June 28, 2020)
Kriya for Spinal Energy/Meditation for Prosperity (June 17, 2020)**
Heart Connection Kriya/Mediation for a Calm Heart (June 12, 2020)
Kriya for Morning Sadhana/Meditation for Stress Relief (June 2, 2020)**
Managed Energy Meditation/Kriya for Elevation/Meditation for a Broken Heart (May 23, 2020)
Pranayama Kriya and Smiling Buddha Meditation (May 9, 2020)
Kriya for Alertness/Meditation for Protection (April 30, 2020) (password: 2w?z1H7?)
Kriya for Spinal Flexibility/Inner Conflict Resolver Meditation (April 13, 2020)**
Kriya to Eliminate Negativity/Meditation for a Calm Heart (April 10, 2020)
Surya Kriya for Sun Energy/Meditation for a Calm Heart (April 1, 2020)
Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana/Meditation for Self-Authority (March 26, 2020)
Kriya to Cultivate the Neutral Mind/Remove Fear of the Future (March 14, 2020)
Kriya for Negativity/Meditation to Eliminate Thoughts You Dislike/To Cultivate Gratitude (Mar 5, 2020)
Kriya for Disease Resistance/Liberated Heart Meditation (Feb 26, 2020)
Stress Set for the Adrenals/Meditation for a Calm Heart: (Feb 5, 2020)
Heart of Gold set: Jan 29, 2020 (short set)
Set to Cultivate Neutral Mind: Jan 22, 2020
Set to Cleanse the Body, Prevent Disease and Lower Anxiety: Jan 16, 2020
Set to Boost the Metabolism and the Immune System: Jan 9, 2020
Set to Open the Heart: Jan 2, 2020
Set to Open the Heart: Dec 31, 2019
Set to Raise Kundalini Energy/Heal a Broken Heart: Dec 26, 2019
Set for Sun Energy/Beaming and Creating the Future: Dec 22, 2019

Sets prior to December 22, 2019 were sent directly to you but not saved into the cloud. If you want any of these recordings reflected here, just let me know. I have copies on my hard drive.

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