A Taste of Ikaria: 7-Day Online Video Series

Join us on an Ikarian adventure with this video series featuring classes broadcast directly from the Ikaria yoga holiday. We created this online video package to give you a taste of Ikaria from anywhere in the world. Please note you receive video links (there are no hard copies of the videos).


We’re excited to share these  Kundalini Yoga classes, Enneagram discussions and a bit of local Greek flavor with you. These videos do not expire so once you sign up for a Taste of Ikaria, you can watch them anytime during the year.


This video package features three parts:
  • seven 90-minute Kundalini Yoga classes taught in Ikaria during the retreat
  • four Enneagram talks focusing on the Enneagram theory of each of the nine types
  • video postcards featuring an interview with the Ikaria Surf School founders, local Ikarian dishes, a tour of our favorite village on the island and more!



This video package doesn’t replace the actual experience of coming to Ikaria, but it gives you at taste of what you can expect.  We will see you in person in 2021!



Seven 90-Minute Kundalini Yoga Class filmed on the beaches and hills of Ikaria:
Day 1: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga (released July 28, 2020)
Day 2:  Burn Out Anger (released July 29, 2020)
Day 3: Release Anxiety (released July 30, 2020)
Day 4: Dissolve Shame (released July 31, 2020)
Day 5: Healing (released August 1, 2020)
Day 6: Intuition (released August 2, 2020)
Day 7: Protection (released August 3, 2020)
Four Enneagram Talks
Day 1: Introduction to the Enneagram and review of the Nine Types
Day 2: Perfectionist (1), Peacemaker (9), Leader (8)
Day 3: Investigator (5), Loyalist (6), Enthusiast (7)
Day 4: Helper (2), Achiever (3), Individualist (4)
Video postcards featuring:
Ikaria Surf School, Melia Organic Skincare, Thea Oceanview Restaurant, tour of the village Galiskari


1) How does this package work?
You sign up and starting July 29th, you get a daily video from Ikaria.  Each day features a 90-minute Kundalini Yoga class focused a different theme. In addition, during the 7-day series, you’ll get four Enneagram discussions and three local flavors of Ikaria.


2) Do the videos expire?
No, you have lifetime access to the videos. This means you can take your Ikaria immersion any time you want. We encourage you to do this series more than once per year. It is a powerful reset to your practice.
3) I’ve never done yoga. Can I participate?
Yes, all classes are all-levels. Anyone of any physical ability can participate.


4) What if the outdoor classes are too distracting for me to follow?
We offer two videos for each day: the class filmed onsite in Ikaria and a studio class featuring the same topic. If you find the beauty of Ikaria is too distracting, you can follow the studio class videos.



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