40-Day Meditation Challenge May 12-June 20, 2020

Join us on May 12th when we begin our global 40-day meditation challenge.  You’ll have several options depending how much or how little you want to practice.


What is the 40-day challenge?  Our 40-day challenge is a free, worldwide event in which you commit to a 3-minute daily meditation practice. You’ll follow the videos below as you do the same meditation each day for 40 days. You will also get a daily email with tips, tricks, background information and a little bit more about yoga and meditation.


What benefits should I expect? The benefits from meditation are now scientifically observable from fMRI scans. Belle Beth Cooper offers this great explanation in her post “What Happens to the Brain When You Meditate”. In essence, our brain stops processing as much information, stops perceiving imagined threats and goes more “offline.” This slowdown offers a relaxation response. And based on this relaxation response, a meditator experiences:
  • Better focus
  • Less anxiety
  • More creativity
  • Better memory
  • More compassion
  • Less stress.
You can read my entire post on “Why Meditate?” here.



What is the daily time commitment? We ask for a 3-minute daily time commitment.  Some days you may want to do more so we’ve given you a full 60-minute practice as well for the days you have more time/energy.



Why are you offering this for free?
Because I want you to try a daily meditation practice!  My daily practice changed my life, and I suspect a daily practice will improve your life as well.  I write about my evolution here.


If you have not registered yet, you can sign up here.


If you have any follow up questions, message me at lynn@lynnroulo.com. I look forward to doing this together as a community!

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