Why it can be hard to feel loved by Enneagram Type 5s | Blog | Lynn Roulo

Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Feel Loved By Your Type 5 Partner

Type 5, the Investigator is the intellectual deep-diver of the Enneagram. Curious, insightful, and cerebral, this mind can have sparks of genius and from vaccines to personal computers, Type 5s often lead the way with innovation. But if these folks are so insightful and observant, why is it those closest to them often feel neglected? Let’s take a closer look at the habit of attention of Type 5s.


With a mental focus that moves towards scarcity and concerns about being overwhelmed without adequate resources, Type 5s spend a lot of time managing the demands of the outside world. When Type 5s are highly self-aware, this habit of attention relaxes, and they can show up generously, sharing their time, energy, and knowledge freely with others. But those with average to lower levels of awareness contract around their fixation, leading to problematic behavior. Withdrawal, disengagement, and withholding are the low side of Type 5. And that means challenges for a romantic partner. Read the full article as published on Truity here.


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