5 Reasons You Need Less Work and More Play If You Are an Enneagram Type 1

The Type 1 is called the Perfectionist or the Reformer. If this is your habit of attention, you already know you are the person we turn to when we need practical solutions.


Efficient, no-nonsense, and action-oriented, you solve tangible problems by implementing structure, planning, and organization. Fair-minded and inclusive, you are often the force behind social change and issues of equality. When in balance, your primary values are truth and justice, and we appreciate that you have a deep sense of personal responsibility and act as though you answer to a higher authority. Your personal integrity, diligence, and determination are observable, and we love you for it.


But when operating in the mid and low levels of self-awareness, you can become rigid in your thinking and inflexible in your opinions. You become emotionally contained, close-minded, detached, and at times robotic with workaholic tendencies. You lose touch with your kindness and compassion, and as your inner critic becomes louder and harsher, you respond by becoming even more hard-working and serious.


Relaxing can be hard and that’s why it may be a surprise to hear, we don’t just need you to relax. To be your highest and best version of yourself, we need you to play.


What is play? Read the full post as originally published by Truity.

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