The Four Things Enneagram Type 7s Absolutely Need to Be Happy

Type 7 is the enthusiastic, adventure-seeker of the Enneagram with a habit of attention that tilts to the bright side. While friends and family might describe Type 7s as happy-go-lucky and relentlessly positive, they don’t often see the anxiety that’s running just below the surface. But the dark cloud of anxiety is there, and if Type 7s seem to have an almost supernatural amount of energy, it is because this drive to be on-the-go is a subconscious strategy to keep them out of anxiety’s reach. After all, it’s hard to hit a moving target.


As a Type 7 myself, I know this psychology well. Before I learned about the Enneagram I was confused about why I felt so restless and seemed to want to go out and do more things than the rest of my friends. I would never have described myself as anxious, but I was definitely high energy. As my relationship with my own anxiety has evolved so have the things that I link to my happiness.


Let’s explore what makes Type 7s happy. Read the full post as originally published on Truity.


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