If Happiness Is Your Birthright, Your Energy is Your Passport

My first Kundalini Yoga teacher, Siri Vedya, would always start his classes with a brief discussion about life. He would talk about practical day-to-day issues as well as more advanced philosophical concepts. While I loved the full 90 minutes of his classes, his lecture was my favorite part.


One day he announced that we were starting a “happiness series,” and explained that there were different steps required to reach happiness. The first step, he said, was our energy.


“You need energy to be happy. Without enough energy, it will be very difficult to enjoy your life and to accomplish the things you are here on planet Earth to do,” Siri Vedya explained.


I’ve thought a lot about that lecture over the years and how it is such a simple, yet profound idea.


The bad news is there are lots of things that throw us off and deplete our energy: work stress, relationship problems, illness in all its forms, and most recently, uncertainty from the pandemic. These factors can trigger low vibration emotional states like depression, sadness, and anxiety—leading us to feel drained, tired, and unable to focus.


The good news is there are lots of concrete things you can do to build your energy. If you apply the tools diligently, you can see results pretty quickly. Here are just a few:
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