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    My Story Connecting the Dots: How I Went from Being a San Francisco CFO to an Athens Yoga Instructor The Enneagram (44 articles)   The Enneagram in Relationships The Enneagram in Relationships–What Types Go Well Together (*most popular post*) Which Enneagram Types Attract Narcissists? (Truity) Secrets to Make Your Relationship Explosive, Based on Your Partner’s Enneagram Type (Truity) Three Things to Never, Ever Say To Your Type 4 Partner (Truity) Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Feel Loved By Your Type 5 Partner (Truity) How to Avoid a Big Family Argument, Based on Your Enneagram Type (Truity) The Best Dating App, Based on Your Enneagram Type (Truity)   The…

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    A Journey Through the 8 Chakras with Kundalini Yoga

    In this post, we’ll go through each of the eight chakras, offering a brief explanation with a Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation to help bring each of these energy centers back into balance.   What are Chakras? Chakras are energy centers that exist within the human body.  These energy centers are mapped to different emotional and psychological issues and can be used to help identify imbalances and to establish internal harmony.   The combined effect of our chakra systems become who we are, how we feel, how we behave, and how we change.   In simple terms, the word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle. These whirlpools…

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    5 Health Benefits of Conscious Breathing

    How to Spring Clean Your Body Using Your Breath The key to cleansing your body through your breath is to develop conscious breathing. You clean your house with a broom and a mop but did you know you can clean your body with your breath?   What is conscious breathing? Conscious breathing is a broad term that refers to methods that improve the breathing function, the process of moving air in and out of the lungs to bring in oxygen and flush out carbon dioxide. The human body is designed to flush out 70 percent of its toxins through the breath. While we have this potential, most of us use…

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    Three Approaches for Emerging from the Pandemic (and Which is Best): a Yogic Perspective

    Back in March of 2020, I wrote a blog post called “The Coronavirus from a Yogic Perspective.” It was one of the most popular pieces I’ve written, having been shared over 1,000 times and having been read by tens of thousands of people. Why? Because back then, it was really confusing to know what to do. We’d never been through a pandemic before, there was a tremendous amount of uncertainty, and some of the things that we’ve subsequently gotten used to, like lockdowns, curfews, and mask-wearing, seemed straight out of a horror movie.   Now we face a new set of firsts as the restrictions that have kept us mostly…

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    How A 5-Minute Movement Break Can Improve Your Focus

    When you’re feeling overwhelmed at work or experiencing an afternoon slump, chances are your mind and body could benefit from a short break.   Ben Greenfield, a biohacker, human performance consultant, and New York Times bestselling author talks about the importance of taking “movement snack breaks” during your workday. According to Ben, movement is one of the most important aspects of aging well, staying fit, and reaching optimal levels of physical and mental performance. In its simplest terms, more movement equates to a better life, and more movement is within everyone’s reach. That’s the good news.   The bad news is that with our sedentary lifestyle and pandemic lockdowns, we’re…

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    If Happiness Is Your Birthright, Your Energy is Your Passport

    My first Kundalini Yoga teacher, Siri Vedya, would always start his classes with a brief discussion about life. He would talk about practical day-to-day issues as well as more advanced philosophical concepts. While I loved the full 90 minutes of his classes, his lecture was my favorite part.   One day he announced that we were starting a “happiness series,” and explained that there were different steps required to reach happiness. The first step, he said, was our energy.   “You need energy to be happy. Without enough energy, it will be very difficult to enjoy your life and to accomplish the things you are here on planet Earth to…

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    Why You Need to Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Body to Get the Most Out of Your Personality System

    As published by Truity on January 12, 2021   The Big Five, DISC, Myers and Briggs, the Enneagram — all these personality systems help you understand yourself and other people better. By learning your own personality traits and those of others, you can begin to understand the inherent strengths and potential pitfalls we all possess.   But if you want to take that knowledge and turn it into wisdom, you need to go beyond the personality profiles. You need to understand what it takes to change behavior. And that answer lies in your physical body.   The word “embodiment” is making the rounds in the world of personality systems, psychology…

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    How This Simple Three-Minute Practice Can Make Your Lockdown Better

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao-Tzu In most of the world, we’ve been in some sort of lockdown for the last two months. It isn’t easy. Some days are better than others, but everyone I talk with describes moments of feeling overwhelmed. We are trying many different things to help stabilize ourselves during this period—journaling, healing circles, support groups, the list goes on. All these can be really valuable, but I’m going to ask for something even simpler. I am going to ask you for three minutes of your day. Because in these three minutes, I can improve your life.   How do I…

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    Zoom, Zoom Baby!

    This post is in partnership with Elephant Journal. Last week, I took my first live yoga class via Zoom. It’s a bit ironic, since I’ve been teaching yoga via Zoom since November 2019, but this was the first time I sat on the student’s mat and got the “in-class” experience. Like my students have been telling me since I began teaching online… read more.

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    On Gurus

    This is an open letter to my students regarding recent allegations made against Yogi Bhajan. The book “Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage” by Pamela Saharah Dyson was released this year and offers a disturbing picture of Yogi Bhajan. The book is a personal memoir and describes her individual relationship with Yogi Bhajan.   I read the book because I wanted to understand what had been said. The book starts with her describing the aftermath of an abortion she had a result of getting pregnant with Yogi Bhajan. It’s a powerful start to a complex story.   Is her memoir accurate? I wasn’t there, but the book is well-written,…