Why You Need to Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Body to Get the Most Out of Your Personality System

As published by Truity on January 12, 2021


The Big Five, DISC, Myers and Briggs, the Enneagram — all these personality systems help you understand yourself and other people better. By learning your own personality traits and those of others, you can begin to understand the inherent strengths and potential pitfalls we all possess.


But if you want to take that knowledge and turn it into wisdom, you need to go beyond the personality profiles. You need to understand what it takes to change behavior. And that answer lies in your physical body.


The word “embodiment” is making the rounds in the world of personality systems, psychology circles and transformative practices for good reason. Science has proven over and over that putting a physical practice, like meditation, yoga or martial arts, around your mental thinking is the key to creating lasting change. You don’t think your way into new behavior—you move your way into it.


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