How Learning a Personality System Made Me a Better CFO

As published by Truity on January 6, 2021


At the age of 21, I sat for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam. Two years later, after completing additional requirements, I became a full-fledged CPA.


The exam is technical, encompassing, and onerous. It spans several days and covers subjects ranging from law to business contracts, from mathematical equations to essays on accounting theory. By design, only 20 percent of the people who sit for the exam pass it on any given cycle. In addition to passing the CPA exam, each state has different professional experience requirements you must complete. And then you need to pass an Ethics exam to round out your certification. To say the technical training to become a CPA is robust would be an understatement.


My Enneagram personality system training was also intense, but in a completely different way. Here I studied my own behavior and motivations. I listened to other people talk about their experiences and contrasted these with my own. There was some written examination, but by and large, the requirements were self-observation or active listening. Read the full article here.
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