Lila Papanikolaou

  1. NAME: Lila Papanikolaou
  2. LIVES IN:  Dioni, in Athens, during the winter and at Paros Philoxenia Hotel on Paros island, in the summer time.
  3. FROM:  Greece
  4. OCCUPATION:  I work at the hotel Paros Philoxenia as part of a team (which includes my family) that tries to make people’s holidays a memorable experience.
  5. FIRST THREE JOBS:  My first job was at the Korean Embassy in Athens; my second was a public sector job, where I realized that me, a chair and an office just couldn’t be together!!! Then I worked as a promoter, and after that my dream came true: opening a hotel of my own in Paros Island.
  6. ZODIAC SIGN:  Sagittarius
  8. WHERE WE ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND YOU IN LYNN’S KUNDALINI YOGA?  Of course at “Paros Philoxenia” when you join Lynn for her Yoga + Enneagram Wellness holiday in Paros this September! I’ve also been taking remote yoga lessons with Lynn online.
  9. FIRST TIME YOU TRIED KUNDALINI YOGA:  Online with Lynn in December 2019. 🙂
  10. ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE US TO KNOW?  I love cooking, experimenting and trying new recipes with new healthy ingredients. So I’m waiting for all of you to join the September Holiday Yoga Retreat where I can share new recipes and old favorites and you can enjoy the wonderful Greek sun and sea!  Come and see whether you agree with me about this being the most beautiful place on earth!!!
Life really is better at the beach…

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