Not Sure if You are a Type 2 or a Type 9? Ask Yourself These Four Questions

The Enneagram Type 2 Giver and Type 9 Peacemaker have a lot in common, and it’s easy to see how there could be confusion between the two. If you’ve ever felt conflicted trying to decide which one you are, you aren’t the first person to feel you could be both. Let’s explore some of the similarities and key differences between these two personality styles.


The Similarities
Type 2s and Type 9s are both “other-referencing” types whose attention goes out to other people. Both have the potential to be kind, accommodating, easy-to-get-along with personalities who naturally think of others before themselves. Both can work hard to make other people feel included, and both have a natural gift of connection. Type 2s and Type 9s often become the glue in their social circle, and these may be the people the rest of us turn to in times of emotional need. Both can be good listeners, non-judgemental supporters, and deeply caring individuals. And while these are the positive things, both Type 2s and Type 9s share some similar challenges.


They can have difficulty maintaining personal boundaries and may end up doing things they really don’t want to do because it is so difficult to say “no.” They can forget themselves by putting the needs of others before their own. Both may have an indirect communication style and find it difficult to advocate for themselves. And both may struggle with intimacy, fearing that if they show their full selves, they may be rejected.


But while the external behavior of these two personality styles may look similar, the picture behind the scenes is quite different. While both may be the glue in their social circles, Type 2 is more like honey and Type 9 is more like clay. Let’s have a closer look.  Read the full post as published on here.


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