Paros 2023-follow up

Hi everyone–I created this page to centralize a lot of the things we discussed and exchanged over the Paros retreat week.  If you have things you’d like to add, please message me directly.


Enneagram articles:


Continuous glucose monitor (CGM): the company I use is Supersapiens who markets their CGM for elite athletes. All CGMs work the same way so it really doesn’t matter what the company’s target audience is for our purpose. I like this company because from my research it is *by far* the most economical.  The current offer they have is a package of 4 sensors (each sensor works for 14 days) for 225 euros.  What you need to know:

  • They can only ship to Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Why? This is a medical device and each country has its own approval processs. Supersapiens is working on adding more countries, but at the moment these are your options.  You will need to have a contact in one of the countries above who is willing to accept your shipment and then ship it to you.
  •  Many of you are saying you want one device. I actually recommend you get at least two. You’ll measure all your eating and activity for two weeks, but you will likely make some changes after you absorb that information.  You will want to retest your blood sugar after you incorporate these changes. I use a CGM every 3-6 months just to understand what is happening in my body.
  • Some people want guidance about how to interpret their blood sugar results. I am not sure if Supersapiens offers consultations (I am pretty sure they do..) but I didn’t go this route myself. I did my own research, following The Glucose Goddess on IG and reading her book “The Glucose Revolution.”
  • To place an order, please message Matthew Hutchings at You can tell him you were referred by me (to make sure the 225 euro deal applies). If some of you want only two devices, message into the WhatsApp Paros 2023 group to form groups that can order 4 at a time.
  • As I mentioned, I am *amazed* at how MCT oil is lowering my blood sugar while also helping my brain. I recommend doing your own research and considering adding that to your diet. I order mine from here (and order pure C8 MCT which is the best for the brain). For those of you in the US, you’ll have lots of options but I would steer you towards MCT oil made from pure coconut oil.
  • 7-minute band workout video


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