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    Not Sure if You are a Type 4 or a Type 7? Ask Yourself These Four Questions

    The Enneagram Type 4 Individualist and Type 7 Enthusiast can seem like oil and water and with dramatically different habits of attention, it can be easy to assume they never get mixed up.   Types 7s look to the positive, seek new experiences, and avoid (either consciously or subconsciously) negative emotions. An assertive personality, Type 7s consider personal freedom a core value.   In contrast, Type 4s feel the full range of emotions intensely, have a sense that something is always missing, and are a withdrawn type that value authenticity. They like to keep it real and if that means they need to go into some dark spaces, they are more…

  • 3 things to never say to an Enneagram Type 4 | Blog | Lynn Roulo

    Three Things To Never, Ever Say To Your Enneagram Type 4 Partner

    I describe the Type 4 Individualist as the Enneagram type who ‘owns’ the emotional spectrum. While the rest of us might feel emotions that color the world like the 48 colors in a Crayola crayon box, Type 4s experience all 366 Crayola shades. If your partner is a Type 4, you are with someone who has a vivid and rich emotional experience; someone who feels dramatic emotional highs and lows.   With all this emotional fluency, it might be tempting to imagine your relationship will be smooth. After all, a Type 4 is someone who understands the unspoken sub currents of a situation, loves to talk about their feelings, and…