A Tribute To Enneagram Type 5s

There isn’t one single Enneagram type that corners the market on innovation, and you can find sparks of genius and transformative inventions across the nine personality styles. It is said Steve Jobs of Apple Computer was a Type 4, Andy Grove of Intel a Type 6, and Richard Branson of the Virgin Group a Type 7.  But when you dig deep into the story of innovation, more often than not, you’ll find a Type 5 in the mix. From vaccines to personal computers, from laser pointers to social media platforms, today we pay a tribute to the Type 5s across the globe and all the ways they make the world a better place.


With 2020 as the backdrop, this is the perfect time to say thank you. The coronavirus pandemic has a light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to the teams of scientists who almost definitely include a few Type 5s. And while the individuals referenced in this post are not students of the Enneagram and have not self-typed, I’ve made the correlation to Type 5 based on their characteristics and behavior.


Let’s explore a few Type 5s. Read the full post as published by Truity.

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