The Dark Side of the Enneagram: The Shadow for Each Type

One of the major benefits of the Enneagram personality test is that it not only helps you understand who you are, it gives you a very clear path to be the best version of yourself. The fundamental idea is that we each have a habit of attention we lean too far into. The Enneagram encourages us to relax this habit of attention, come back into the center, and share the best version of our true selves with the world. A world in which everyone had completely relaxed their habit of attention would be a world of great compassion.


But what happens when things go the other way? In Enneagram terms, the lowest version of yourself is when you become trapped in your fixation. The habit of attention takes over, distorting your experience in the world, and leading to ugly behavior. In order to understand the light you must also understand the dark, so here we will walk through the shadow side of the Enneagram, exploring each of the types as they become trapped, to the extreme, in their habit of attention.
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