The Bright Side of the Enneagram: The Light in Each Type

In yesterday’s post, we explored the dark side of the Enneagram and what happens when each of the types falls victim to their habit of attention and becomes fixated in their pattern of thinking. In this state of contraction, the dark side is exposed, and from crimes of passion to crimes of omission, the behavior gets ugly.


But what about the opposite? How does it look when each type relaxes their habit of attention and transcends to the highest version of themselves? In a world of highly self-aware people who have truly relaxed their habit of attention, it would be very difficult to guess someone’s Enneagram type. Why? Because as the habit of attention relaxes, the behavioral pattern becomes less pronounced. All high functioning Enneagram types operate from a place of deep compassion. We would be living in a world where people shared their strengths, where compassion ruled, and people focused their energy to benefit others.


In this post, we explore the high side of the Enneagram and each type at their best. But before we do, it’s important to highlight a couple of points.
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