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SUP Yoga in Greece!

Q: What is SUP Yoga?

A: SUP Yoga is doing yoga in the sea on a Stand Up Paddleboard. It’s like a regular yoga lesson, but your mat is a SUP Board, and your studio is the sea. Stand Up Paddleboarding has been practiced in Hawaii since the 1940s and started getting popular worldwide in the last 20 years. And SUP Yoga has been gaining popularity over the last 10 years.


Q: How did you start doing SUP Yoga?

A: I’m from the San Francisco Bay area in California and had been surfing there for about 10 years before moving to Greece. My favorite surfboard was a 9’6” longboard, which is a lot like a SUP board in terms of size and stability. When I moved to Greece, I was super surprised that it was hard to find surfable waves. But as they say “The obstacles don’t block the path. The obstacles are the path…”

I had tried SUP Yoga once in San Francisco and since I was already a yoga teacher, I decided to start doing SUP Yoga in Greece as a way to be back in the water. I started offering SUP Yoga lessons in the summer of 2013 so this is my sixth season teaching SUP Yoga.

Q: What do you think about Greece as a place for SUP Yoga?

A: I can’t think of a better place than Greece for SUP Yoga! The water is warm, clean and clear, and the conditions are ideal since the sea is usually pretty flat. If there are waves, they are really gentle. And, unlike California, there are no sharks!

In San Francisco, it’s cold so we do SUP yoga in clothes which meant if you fall in, you are extremely bummed. Here, it is warm and sunny so if you fall in, it’s no problem at all.

Q: Where do you do SUP Yoga?

A: For the first few years, we were in Alimos with occasional trips to Schinias and Glyfada. This season, we’re moving further south to Voula and Varkiza. And starting Friday, we’ll be offering SUP Yoga at Astir Beach in Vouliagmeni!

Q: Who can do SUP Yoga?

A: Anyone who can swim! My lessons are all-levels which means you don’t need experience in SUP or yoga to participate. I’m a Kundalini Yoga teacher so we use a lot of Kundalini Yoga exercises, and I try to make sure there is something for the full range of abilities—absolute beginners to experienced yogis.


Q: How can we learn more?

A:  Come to a class!  We offer classes every Friday at Astir Beach through July 31 and other weekend classes during the summer. The schedule is here. You can watch our videos to get a taste of what the classes are like.  🙂 Here are the first two from Greek Summer 2018:

May 12-13, 2018: Miracles: Someone Special

June 9-10, 2018: Sunny Days

Or message me with any specific questions at lynn@lynnroulo.com. I hope to see you in the sea!