• 3 things to never say to an Enneagram Type 4 | Blog | Lynn Roulo

    Three Things To Never, Ever Say To Your Enneagram Type 4 Partner

    I describe the Type 4 Individualist as the Enneagram type who ‘owns’ the emotional spectrum. While the rest of us might feel emotions that color the world like the 48 colors in a Crayola crayon box, Type 4s experience all 366 Crayola shades. If your partner is a Type 4, you are with someone who has a vivid and rich emotional experience; someone who feels dramatic emotional highs and lows.   With all this emotional fluency, it might be tempting to imagine your relationship will be smooth. After all, a Type 4 is someone who understands the unspoken sub currents of a situation, loves to talk about their feelings, and…

  • Why it can be hard to feel loved by Enneagram Type 5s | Blog | Lynn Roulo

    Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Feel Loved By Your Type 5 Partner

    Type 5, the Investigator is the intellectual deep-diver of the Enneagram. Curious, insightful, and cerebral, this mind can have sparks of genius and from vaccines to personal computers, Type 5s often lead the way with innovation. But if these folks are so insightful and observant, why is it those closest to them often feel neglected? Let’s take a closer look at the habit of attention of Type 5s.   With a mental focus that moves towards scarcity and concerns about being overwhelmed without adequate resources, Type 5s spend a lot of time managing the demands of the outside world. When Type 5s are highly self-aware, this habit of attention relaxes,…

  • The Enneagram and Astrology - is there a correlation?

    The Enneagram and Astrology – is there a correlation between the ancient personality system and your Zodiac sign?

    As an Enneagram trainer and coach, one of the most common questions I get asked is: “Is the Enneagram connected to astrology and the Zodiac?”   It’s an interesting question and ever since the Enneagram entered the mainstream back in the 1970s, there seems to be an almost irresistible desire to link the Enneagram with the Zodiac. It’s a hot topic with a wide range of opinions. Some go as far as to claim the Enneagram is a simplified version of astrology while others say it is ridiculous to even look for a connection.   Let’s explore the two systems and how they might, or might not, correlate to each…

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    The Four Things Enneagram Type 7s Absolutely Need to Be Happy

    Type 7 is the enthusiastic, adventure-seeker of the Enneagram with a habit of attention that tilts to the bright side. While friends and family might describe Type 7s as happy-go-lucky and relentlessly positive, they don’t often see the anxiety that’s running just below the surface. But the dark cloud of anxiety is there, and if Type 7s seem to have an almost supernatural amount of energy, it is because this drive to be on-the-go is a subconscious strategy to keep them out of anxiety’s reach. After all, it’s hard to hit a moving target.   As a Type 7 myself, I know this psychology well. Before I learned about the…

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    What the Obamas Can Teach Us About the Type 1/Type 9 Enneagram Couple

    Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in the United States, according to the 2020 Gallup Poll, and her husband Barack was the 44th President and first African American President of the United States. They’re an impressive couple, but what can the most admired woman and the former President of the United States teach us about relationships? Using the lens of the Enneagram, it turns out quite a lot.   While we know it is risky to guess the Enneagram type of people who haven’t typed themselves, we’ll talk about how specific behaviors align with Enneagram type.   Michelle Obama as a Type 1 Always looking for improvement and pushing herself…

  • The Enneagram and Diversity in the Workplace | Blog | Lynn Roulo

    How the Enneagram Can Help Create Diversity in the Workplace

    Applying the Enneagram personality test in the workplace is one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve office communication and strengthen team dynamics. But like all powerful tools, it can be misused, and one common misconception is that it might be efficient to eliminate various Enneagram types from specific jobs or teams.   This is a misunderstanding, and in fact, the opposite is true. If used properly, the Enneagram illustrates the important gifts of each type, and it highlights why personality type diversity is key to a balanced, high functioning workplace. You can think of each Enneagram type as having unique superpowers and if any of the…

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    How To Nail a Job Interview, Based on Your Enneagram Type

    Not only did the Covid-19 pandemic disrupt the way many of us work, it also changed the recruitment process for both companies and candidates. As if job searching wasn’t difficult enough, now we also have to navigate online interviews, often under challenging circumstances. Studies indicate that less than 35 percent of communication is strictly verbal. So, it can be easy to feel like you’re at a big disadvantage when you’re trying to connect with someone in a two dimensional space.   That’s the bad news.   The good news is you aren’t alone. Everyone is facing these same challenges. Even HR teams and hiring managers are having to get used…

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    The Bright Side of the Enneagram: The Light in Each Type

    In yesterday’s post, we explored the dark side of the Enneagram and what happens when each of the types falls victim to their habit of attention and becomes fixated in their pattern of thinking. In this state of contraction, the dark side is exposed, and from crimes of passion to crimes of omission, the behavior gets ugly.   But what about the opposite? How does it look when each type relaxes their habit of attention and transcends to the highest version of themselves? In a world of highly self-aware people who have truly relaxed their habit of attention, it would be very difficult to guess someone’s Enneagram type. Why? Because…

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    The Dark Side of the Enneagram: The Shadow for Each Type

    One of the major benefits of the Enneagram personality test is that it not only helps you understand who you are, it gives you a very clear path to be the best version of yourself. The fundamental idea is that we each have a habit of attention we lean too far into. The Enneagram encourages us to relax this habit of attention, come back into the center, and share the best version of our true selves with the world. A world in which everyone had completely relaxed their habit of attention would be a world of great compassion.   But what happens when things go the other way? In Enneagram…

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    A Tribute To Enneagram Type 5s

    There isn’t one single Enneagram type that corners the market on innovation, and you can find sparks of genius and transformative inventions across the nine personality styles. It is said Steve Jobs of Apple Computer was a Type 4, Andy Grove of Intel a Type 6, and Richard Branson of the Virgin Group a Type 7.  But when you dig deep into the story of innovation, more often than not, you’ll find a Type 5 in the mix. From vaccines to personal computers, from laser pointers to social media platforms, today we pay a tribute to the Type 5s across the globe and all the ways they make the world…