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    Beating The Coronavirus: It’s All About Endurance

    This was originally published on TinyBudda   When you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~Winston Churchill A couple weeks ago the Greek government announced that our quarantine would continue “well beyond April 6th,” the original date for which it had been set. We knew this was coming, but it was still hard to hear.  And it was this same moment that my memories as a long-distance runner came flooding back. Read more.

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    An Open Thank You to Snatam Kaur and all the Kundalini Yoga Musicians Worldwide

    Today I want to take an  opportunity to post an open thank you to Snatam Kaur and all the Kundalini Yoga musicians worldwide. Your music has made all the difference for me and many of the people I teach.   In November, I started teaching yoga at Skaramagas, one of the biggest refugee camps in Greece. I first got involved in the refugee situation back in 2015 when I went to Lesvos for a weekend. In 2016, I briefly taught at another refugee organization in Athens, but then I got busy writing my book, and since that time, I hadn’t been involved at all. Last fall, when I saw a…

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    How Airbnb Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

    When I was the CFO of a venture capital firm in San Francisco, one of the managing partners was a Rhodes Scholar. I remember him talking about the scholarship program and how the goal was for the potential “future world leaders” to go to school together. The idea was they would get to know each other from an early age, and the result would be that these relationships would lead to a more peaceful world. While I will never be a Rhodes Scholar, I have recently found another, and potentially faster, path to world peace—Airbnb. 🙂   Earlier this year, I became an Airbnb host. My goal was not a…

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    How YouTube Decided It Was Time I Learn Greek

    When I moved to Greece in 2012, I imagined I would be fluent in Greek within a year. I’m not sure why I thought that was possible, but this dream has proved to be one of life’s big disappointments. It’s been four years, and my Greek continues to be appalling. This is not for a lack of honest effort. I’ve attended almost every Greek school in Athens, I’ve had private tutors, I’ve read books, I’ve watched cartoons, I’ve tried nearly everything. It seems, in the end, I am not good at foreign languages—a devastating realization. But the one thing that is helping me turn the corner was the day YouTube…

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    Lesvos Sept 2015

    I wrote this post back in 2015 when the refugee crisis was particularly extreme in Greece and specifically in Lesvos.  Like many of us, I was very shocked by the stories of refugees having to walk 70+ kilometers (40+ miles) from where they arrived by boat  to get the refugee camps in Lesvos in the summer.  At this same time, an NGO/MKO in Lesvos put out a request for help to the Athens yoga community so a Greek friend of mine and I decided to go. This post is a summary of that weekend.  The situation is constantly changing in Lesvos so this is just what I observed/learned as of…