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    5 Reasons You Need Less Work and More Play If You Are an Enneagram Type 1

    The Type 1 is called the Perfectionist or the Reformer. If this is your habit of attention, you already know you are the person we turn to when we need practical solutions.   Efficient, no-nonsense, and action-oriented, you solve tangible problems by implementing structure, planning, and organization. Fair-minded and inclusive, you are often the force behind social change and issues of equality. When in balance, your primary values are truth and justice, and we appreciate that you have a deep sense of personal responsibility and act as though you answer to a higher authority. Your personal integrity, diligence, and determination are observable, and we love you for it.   But…

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    Three Self-Sabotaging Things Enneagram Type 6s Do (and How to Stop Doing Them!)

    The Enneagram Type 6 is called the Loyalist and the Skeptic and if you have this habit of attention, your mind is gifted at spotting danger and identifying problems before they materialize. You see the fissures before they become cracks, and with your eye for potential pitfalls, you can help make the world a safer place. When you function in a balanced way, you are loyal, committed, hard-working, generous, cooperative, and idealistic in your pursuit of creating a safer and more secure world.     But too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing, and your danger-scanning mind can sometimes go too far, leading you to self-sabotaging behavior…

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    Are You a Type 2 Ticking Time Bomb?

    If you’re a Type 2, the Helper/Giver of the Enneagram,  you don’t need a personality system to know that your attention gravitates towards the needs of others. Relationship-based with high emotional intelligence, you have a gift for connecting with others, and difficult or emotionally distant people are your speciality. You truly care about other people, and this genuine concern helps you win the hearts and minds of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members.   But while you can win others over, without high self-mastery, it is easy for you to have weak personal boundaries, overextend yourself in your efforts to help those around you, and constantly put yourself at the…

  • 9 Enneagram Types and 27 Subtypes - Lynn Roulo

    Not 100% Sure of Your Enneagram Type? The Enneagram Subtypes May Hold the Answer.

    Have you taken Enneagram tests, read books, attended workshops, but are still unsure of your Enneagram type? Don’t worry–you’re not alone. The Enneagram is an extremely rich and complex system and to simplify it, it is often described as a personality system that outlines nine distinct habits of attention and personality profiles. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg.   The Enneagram system includes wings, subtypes, arrows, countertypes, levels of development, and more. Mastery of the system takes years, and incomplete knowledge often leaves people confused and feeling like “the Enneagram didn’t work for me.” Most of the time, the real issue is that you weren’t exposed…

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    5 Health Benefits of Conscious Breathing

    How to Spring Clean Your Body Using Your Breath The key to cleansing your body through your breath is to develop conscious breathing. You clean your house with a broom and a mop but did you know you can clean your body with your breath?   What is conscious breathing? Conscious breathing is a broad term that refers to methods that improve the breathing function, the process of moving air in and out of the lungs to bring in oxygen and flush out carbon dioxide. The human body is designed to flush out 70 percent of its toxins through the breath. While we have this potential, most of us use…

  • 3 things to never say to an Enneagram Type 4 | Blog | Lynn Roulo

    Three Things To Never, Ever Say To Your Enneagram Type 4 Partner

    I describe the Type 4 Individualist as the Enneagram type who ‘owns’ the emotional spectrum. While the rest of us might feel emotions that color the world like the 48 colors in a Crayola crayon box, Type 4s experience all 366 Crayola shades. If your partner is a Type 4, you are with someone who has a vivid and rich emotional experience; someone who feels dramatic emotional highs and lows.   With all this emotional fluency, it might be tempting to imagine your relationship will be smooth. After all, a Type 4 is someone who understands the unspoken sub currents of a situation, loves to talk about their feelings, and…

  • Why it can be hard to feel loved by Enneagram Type 5s | Blog | Lynn Roulo

    Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Feel Loved By Your Type 5 Partner

    Type 5, the Investigator is the intellectual deep-diver of the Enneagram. Curious, insightful, and cerebral, this mind can have sparks of genius and from vaccines to personal computers, Type 5s often lead the way with innovation. But if these folks are so insightful and observant, why is it those closest to them often feel neglected? Let’s take a closer look at the habit of attention of Type 5s.   With a mental focus that moves towards scarcity and concerns about being overwhelmed without adequate resources, Type 5s spend a lot of time managing the demands of the outside world. When Type 5s are highly self-aware, this habit of attention relaxes,…

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    Three Approaches for Emerging from the Pandemic (and Which is Best): a Yogic Perspective

    Back in March of 2020, I wrote a blog post called “The Coronavirus from a Yogic Perspective.” It was one of the most popular pieces I’ve written, having been shared over 1,000 times and having been read by tens of thousands of people. Why? Because back then, it was really confusing to know what to do. We’d never been through a pandemic before, there was a tremendous amount of uncertainty, and some of the things that we’ve subsequently gotten used to, like lockdowns, curfews, and mask-wearing, seemed straight out of a horror movie.   Now we face a new set of firsts as the restrictions that have kept us mostly…

  • The Enneagram and Astrology - is there a correlation?

    The Enneagram and Astrology – is there a correlation between the ancient personality system and your Zodiac sign?

    As an Enneagram trainer and coach, one of the most common questions I get asked is: “Is the Enneagram connected to astrology and the Zodiac?”   It’s an interesting question and ever since the Enneagram entered the mainstream back in the 1970s, there seems to be an almost irresistible desire to link the Enneagram with the Zodiac. It’s a hot topic with a wide range of opinions. Some go as far as to claim the Enneagram is a simplified version of astrology while others say it is ridiculous to even look for a connection.   Let’s explore the two systems and how they might, or might not, correlate to each…

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    The Four Things Enneagram Type 7s Absolutely Need to Be Happy

    Type 7 is the enthusiastic, adventure-seeker of the Enneagram with a habit of attention that tilts to the bright side. While friends and family might describe Type 7s as happy-go-lucky and relentlessly positive, they don’t often see the anxiety that’s running just below the surface. But the dark cloud of anxiety is there, and if Type 7s seem to have an almost supernatural amount of energy, it is because this drive to be on-the-go is a subconscious strategy to keep them out of anxiety’s reach. After all, it’s hard to hit a moving target.   As a Type 7 myself, I know this psychology well. Before I learned about the…